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with some time on your hands is an interactive, site-specific installation for the IDEA BOX at MCA Denver. Evolving over the course of the exhibition, both physically and visually, the installation plays with the notion of time passing by showcasing a series of “time machines”—fantasy objects created by the artist to generate dust (or with a little imagination and humor, speed up time). Viewers are led through this transformed and slightly foreign space as though they are taking a “factory tour” of the fabricated world where these machines are made. This world is one with its own specific language, structures, and vagueness, as here objects are simplified to a symbolic form. The absurdity of these objects’ necessity may not be questioned immediately, as an unnamed but omnipresent force leads visitors through the IDEA BOXwith multi-lingual signage, animated images, dust-producing appliances, and anti-aging antidotes. All work was produced during the Confluence Project: MCA Denver + PlatteForum Creative Residency and select pieces were created in collaboration with teenagers from PlatteForum's ArtLab and MCA Denver's TeCo.